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This book is a dedication to our feminist heritage as shown by The Women’s Gallery 1988 – 1995 a gallery dedicated to supporting women’s art practice.

The book is $56
postage paid within Australia.

Judith Brooks was a foundation member of The Women’s Gallery, responsible for the lease on the gallery building for the duration of its activities. She was born in Melbourne in 1945. Educated at Monash and Melbourne Universities she became an English and History teacher.
She has a life-long interest in Fine Arts. Like many of her generation she was radicalised by the Vietnam War and inspired by the Women’s Liberation Movement. At 70 she decided to start a literary career on the ‘better late than never’ principle.
The Women’s Gallery book is built on the archives and the memories of a generation of determine visionary feminists. She lives with her partner and two Burmese cats in Barwon Heads on the edge of windy Bass Strait.