The Women's Gallery | The Project
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Invitations, catalogues, posters, reviews, artist’s vision statements, photos, slides, media descriptions, gallery working diaries, attendance figures, sales, minutes of AGMs, com-mittee and selection meetings, transcripts of speeches, personal letters, comments books, studio artist’s diaries, administration, budget papers, applications for grants, ac-ademic papers, newspaper articles and membership lists.

Project Vision

A dedication to our cultural heritage and the principles of equality in action shown by The Women’s Gallery Inc, a not for profit organization dedicated to supporting women’s art practice.

Project Outcomes

1 Preparation of archives for storage, including sorting, collating and preserving.

2 Publication of art book to record and celebrate the achievements of the women involved in the Women’s Gallery from 1987- 1996.

3 Offer digital/web access to archival material as appropriate.

Project Team

Judith Brooks
Suzanne Fegan
Tania Kokelj
Camille McDonald

1987-1995 The Women’s Gallery
1989-1994 The Women’s Gallery
1990-1995 Monash Gallery of Art Smart Arts Services
1991-1995 The Women’s Gallery Women’s Art Register